I have owned them for the last 6 yrs. I do not know the exact year they were made but I do know they were made towards the end of the Vaic company- they have the Mundorf caps and regulated power supply .
I have the original crates but they are pretty old , so I would include brand new wooden crates for shipment.


These are the original Vaic Reference mono blocks that later became the Ayon Titan. They are incredible amps - they are PSE and have flexibility to use a wide variety of 300b type tubes. Alessi Vaic was the man who initiated the manufacture of new age 300b tubes. Ayon, KR, EML all began with Vaic's designs. These amps are supremely flexible through internal adjustments they can use standard 300b power tubes all the way up to the mighty Ayon 62b. thus you can dial in as much power as you need - all the way up to over 60 wpc with the 62b tubes. They can also use a variety of driver tubes including 300b and 3A2 These amps have garnered the highest praise from the press and are comparable to Wavac and Kondo amps in terms of sonics and quality of construction. While they are mostly hardwired they use a modest amount of boards which use 24k gold traces. These amps are powerful! I used them to bi-amp a pair of Apogee Full Range speakers. The sound was fantastic. These amps come with the wonderful EML 520b (40 wpc) and the original NOS Vaic AV-8 tube as a driver. 6sn7 first stage and 5ug4 rectifier are the other tubes included. There are very few amps in the world that have this combination of sonics and power. NOTE - these are the later versions that have tube voltage regulation added to the circuit and newer Mundorf Mcaps. If your speakers are 85 db efficient or better these amps are perfect. Amps come with original factory crates and are very heavy (140 lbs per amp). Amps are in pristine operating and functional condition.


BONUS- at my asking price I will include a matching pair of WE 274b rectifier tubes from late 1950. These tubes are a significant sonic upgrade and are considered by many to be the best rectifer tubes ever made. 

Vaic Reference Monos