Very rare one of the best power amp Swiss made ultra high end  FM Acoustics FM 711 MKII. This model is special made for Japan market, Item is now working on 230 VAC, Free change voltage to US 100-120VAC. 
Excellent condition
Rate 9/10 due to ages only ( see pictures). 
Full working 100%. 
NO original box, but will packing very carefully for shipping.

FM Acoustics FM 711 MKII

  • With its unique characteristics the FM 711-MKIII will be uncontested for many, many years to come

    • Music reproduction to dream of...
    • Prodigious Power to drive the most demanding loads
    • Proprietary discrete circuitry using special curve-tracer analysed and hand selected semiconductors
    • Superb balanced discrete Class A input stage. Sensors automatically recognize the connection standard and perfectly balance both unbalanced and pseudo-balanced signals sources right at input
    • Tremendous headroom and reserves
    • Perfect signal symmetry
    • Superb rejection of noise, hum or interference thanks to perfectly balanced inputs (interference rejection is 100-1000 times better than other so-called "balanced" equipment)
    • Multi-protection systems for amplifier and speakers trigger the output and reset automatically when the error disappears.
    • No signal compression, limiting nor any other negative influence on the audio signal is possible. The protection circuits are totally separate from all audio stages.
    • Outputs drive any speaker load perfectly, even very low impedance - or high highly capacitive - transducers
    • Unique dynamic damping of speakers results in phenomenal impulse response accuracy and no ringing
    • Proprietary enhanced Class A circuitry provide unmatched musicality
    • Grand Prix-winning circuit technology guarantees total absence of any form of distortion - be it dynamic or static and even at the lowest signal levels - it betters other designs by a magnitude.
    • Precision low noise level controls avoid the often experienced change in tonal characteristics when changing the level
    • Ultra low-loss FORCEPLUG 200 output connectors.
    • Tremendous output current capability as peak output current is not limited
    • 5000 V mains spike suppressors
    • Mechanical resonance elimination with the new MKIII isolation supports
    • Lowest impedance power supply for unlimited rendering of dynamics
    • The internal transformer is completely shielded from audio circuitry; special shielding techniques prevent stray fields
    • Hand-selected and perfectly matched components of DIN, IEC & MIL standard
    • Each unit is hand crafted and calibrated in Switzerland to absolute performance standards
    • New high reliability components help to further increase lifetime expectancy


    Some Specifications


    Minimum Power Output:
    520 W peak into 8 Ohm
    1000 W peak into 4 Ohm
    1600 W peak into 2 Ohm


    260 W RMS into 8 Ohm
    500 W RMS into 4 Ohm
    800 W RMS into 2 Ohm


    Max. Output Voltage:

    140 V pp.


    Max. Output Current:
    Unlimited repetitive peak output current. No output or DC fuses, absolutely no form of current-, voltage- or any other kind of limiting.


    Distortion: 0,005% THD


    Bandwidth including Input Filter:
    Less than 1 Hz to 60 kHz;

    Risetime at Full Power: 3 us


    Hum and Noise:
    Below full power typically -110dB
    Minimal unweighted:
    better than -100 dB


    Proprietary, electronically balanced, discrete enhanced class A circuitry, floating ground, non- inverting or inverting mode.
    Optimal performance with either balanced or single ended (unbalanced) sources.
    Unbalanced sources are automatically balanced right at the input of the FM 711-MKIII.


    Input Sensitivity:
    1,6 V RMS for full output

    Input Impedance:
    At all level settings from balanced and unbalanced sources: 40 kOhm


    Chassis Resonance Damping:
    New chassis design effectively isolates sensitive electronic and mechanical components from potential negative influences such as induced resonances. Specific purpose-designed anti-resonance technology is employed.

    Load Impedance:
    No minimum impedance. The amplifier is designed for 1 Ohm to 10'000 Ohm systems. It can drive any speaker impedance (even below 1 Ohm) with dynamic (music) signals without any limiting, compression or other negative effects on the audio signal.
    Despite this, the amplifier is fully protected against short circuits, open circuits and all other adverse conditions via unique on- board safeguarding circuits that continuously survey all important parameters.