Boulder Amplifiers 2050 Mono blocks, 240V 50/60Hz
Stunning Boulder 2050 monoblocks. Perhaps the ultimate in power and finesse, dynamics and subtlety.
The amplifiers are near perfect with no obvious or visible marks.
First owner. The Amplifiers are approximately 7 years old in mint condition with original wooden crates, manual etc.


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Description: Solid-state monoblock power amplifier with 80 bipolar output devices. Inputs: 3-pin balanced XLR, pin 2 hot. Continuous power into 8, 4, and 2 ohms: 1000W (30dBW, 27dBW, 24dBW). Peak power: 2000W into 4 ohms (30dBW); 4000W into 2 ohms (30dBW).
Dimensions: 18" W by 10.75" H by 26.75" D, plus 12" D for power connector. Weight: 230 lbs each.

Boulder Amplifiers 2050 Mono blocks