A pair of Boulder 1050 monoblocks are available in mint condition. 


This pair was manufactured in 2007. They were never sold. They are ex
demo, they were used about 500 hours. For this reason we can offer you 1
year of warranty. You are going to be the first owner.





Boulder 1050 mono power amplifier

Boulder’s prize-winning 1050 mono power amps deliver reference audio quality far in excess of their price, capable of driving any speakers with power and finesse.

Modern loudspeakers demand high-powered amplifiers to play at realistic levels. Even at moderate volumes, absolute control of the speaker is what makes you stop and listen.

Boulder has been providing this experience for over 30 years. Their history includes amplifiers that were used when capturing some of the greatest recordings ever made, so they know a thing or two about flawless audio reproduction. They also know how to deliver micro-details and emotion from music while giving the 1050 mono amplifiers enough power to rein in the most challenging loudspeakers, bringing these recordings to life in your home.

  • Enormous 500W output means exceptional grip and control of loudspeakers
  • 56 output transistors for stable operation and excellent power delivery
  • Dual transformer design is filtered, potted, and enclosed in a welded steel case to eliminate noise or hum
  • Boulder Link control system to integrate multiple 1050s with other Boulder products
  • Modern chassis design is completely machined from solid blocks of aluminium and shows no screws or fasteners
  • Boulder’s 983 gain stages combine discrete and monolithic parts for excellent clarity and current drive
  • Complete microprocessor control of power up, protection circuits and Boulder Link
  • Two pairs of sturdy, durable speaker binding posts require no tools to make secure connections
  • Massive 32A power cord connector means ample power delivery to the amplifier when necessary
  • Specification:
  • THD at Continuous Power, 20 to 2KHz: 0.001%
  • THD at Continuous Power, at 20KHz: 0.005%
  • Continuous Power, 8Ω: 500 W
  • Continuous Power, 4Ω: 500 W
  • Continuous Power, 2Ω: 500 W
  • Peak Power, 8Ω: 500 W
  • Peak Power, 4Ω: 900 W
  • Peak Power, 2Ω: 1700 W
  • Magnitude Response, 20 to 20KHz: +0.00, -0.04 dB
  • Magnitude Response, -3 dB at: 0.015Hz, 150kHz
  • Voltage Gain: 26dB
  • Signal to Noise Ratio (re: 500W/8Ω): -129dB, unweighted, 20 to 22kHz
  • Input Impedance: Balanced: 100KΩ, Unbalanced: 50KΩ
  • Common Mode Rejection (Balanced only): 60Hz: 90dB, 10kHz: 70dB
  • Inputs: 3-pin Balanced
  • Output Connectors: 2 sets of 6 mm / .250 inch thumbscrews
  • Crosstalk, L to R or R to L: Greater than 120dB
  • Size, Inches, W X H X D: 18.0W x 9.5H x 22.25D (including connectors, add 7 inches for power connector and cord)
  • Power Requirements: 50-60 Hz, 240 W nominal, 3000 W at maximum output

Boulder Amplifiers 1050

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